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At the very heart of the business lies an innovative, sustainable turn key solution; an eco self powering solution that is carbon and environmentally friendly, zero waste and creates a circular economy.


The primary feed stock of the business is hemp, due to the carbon capture and byproduct development intentions, however, the plant can be used with most  feed stock to suit client needs.


The UGP Energy plant, at our proposed Scottish site, is scalable and suitable for exporting to other countries, while also giving the opportunity to add other projects in order to bring a waste removing, green energy solution to various areas of business including, but not limited to, medical cannabis projects and distilleries.    

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UGP Energy was borne from the desire to address the climate Crisis. The company has been formed as an innovative start up, and the directors share an objective to be environmentally, socially and economically responsible in providing renewable energy solutions that benefit the majority.


Hemp as a crop has high levels of soil remediation and carbon sequestration properties, requires little water and very little, if any, pesticide and herbicide requirements.


As part of our environmental solution, have brought together a group of individuals who are environmentally, ethically, socially and economically conscious business leaders who collectively strive for a mutual objective.


We include several pioneers in the industrial hemp sector along with several who have a back ground in start up, innovative, environmentally friendly technologies and products.


Collectively we work to make a difference and assist in meeting the world carbon targets that have been agreed to be met by 2050. 

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