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Socially, Environmentally and Economically Responsible



UGP ENERGY are focused on providing environmental and carbon footprint reducing facilities and products.


The aim of the project is to produce hydrogen whilst running the facility on green electricity that is produced in the process of creating hydrogen. The facility is intended to be a self powering hydrogen producing zero waste solution.


Due to the preferred feedstock, along with the proposed systems and procedures, there will be a high level of carbon capture. UGP Energy will become a high number employer locally,  both directly and indirectly, and will have a positive effect on public health.


When the process and procedure of the facility is proven, we will have the ability to export the systems, procedures and blueprint for the Hydrogen bio-energy power station to other countries.


While enhancing Scotland and the UK’s reputation as leaders in this field of technology, the UGP Energy solution will be a considerable contributor towards achieving the UK net zero 2050 targets. 

Hemp is a more sustainable, organic and regenerative agricultural crop, and most everything that you can make with cotton or soy or corn can be made with hemp – with way less impact on the Earth.

Morris Beegle
Co-founder and President of WAFBA

Foggy Forest


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